Job marketing

Reach the ideal candidate with a social media campaign.

You share your vacancy on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, but the responses remain? Unfortunately, the organic reach of companies on social media is decreasing. But there are more and more advertisements on social media and we use them!

It is possible with social media advertising to show ads to a specific profile. To make the application conversion as high as possible, we take 3 steps:

  • Rewriting the vacancy.
  • Making attractive visuals (photo & video).
  • Targeting and launching the social media campaign.
Rewrite vacancy

A recruiting vacancy writing can be quite challenging. We have already rewritten countless vacancies and therefore know exactly how the job should be described and which points ensure a higher application rate.

Design visuals

How do you make a vacancy stand out on social media? Joboxx 'makes different per vacancy, attractive visuals (photo & video) that are continuously tested. In this way, the best-performing ads are given priority and we ensure that the right format is displayed for every medium.

Social media campaign

Our certified digital marketers ensure that users are targeted with the right experience or skills. The campaign is continuously evaluated and adjusted to it maximum result to obtain.

Start the new recruiting now!

Grab attention with one attractive vacancy.

You scroll through your Facebook or Instagram timeline and hardly notice the advertising. Recognizable? We ensure that your vacancy - specifically aimed at people who match your profile - stands out and stimulates a click.

As soon as the user has clicked on the advertisement, he will arrive at the vacancy and he applies in just a few clicks.

Start the new recruitment today

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Job marketing

A multi-channel approach for maximum result.

By publishing your job on multiple social media channels you achieve both passive and active job seekers. Think of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or search ads on Google / Bing.

With our online marketing expertise, attractive job advertisements are promoted to candidates with the right skills or experience. Machine learning is applied to identify the most suitable channels for you.

You don't need any knowledge to start these campaigns, you activate them with one click!

Small - 2
Small - 1

Social media channels

We use various social media channels to promote the vacancy. We define one digital marketing strategy for every vacancy so we can send the right message to the right audience.

Facebook Advertising

7.5+ million users in Belgium

As the largest social network in Belgium, Facebook is a unique source for candidates. This platform makes it possible to specific job titles or interests target to find the ideal candidate.

Instagram Advertising

3+ million users in Belgium

Instagram is more than an app that publishes photos. It is also one of the fastest growing social media channels! Instagram users will see ads between these photos - yours can appear here too!

LinkedIn Advertising

3+ million users in Belgium

LinkedIn is an online social network aimed at professionals. A LinkedIn campaign allows people with a specific professional profile to target. We convince them to apply for your job with advertisements in the timeline or targeted, sponsored InMails.

Google & Bing Search

Total market share of 99,47%

Forget those who are looking for a specific job not! With Google and Bing Search, we create compelling text ads that appear with different keywords in the desired locations.


Curious what our customers to find Joboxx?

  • Today I can say with great pleasure that we have already been able to employ 5 technicians via Joboxx during a 6-month process.
    Christine Zoons
    HR @ Servilux
    Christine Zoons
    HR @ Servilux

    At Servilux we are always looking for technicians for both Belgium and the Netherlands. Since we offer our service in every region of the country, it is not obvious to achieve regional technical profiles.

    Thanks to a fantastic collaboration with Joboxx, we started a search via Social media. The influx of candidates did not stay out and today I am happy to say that we have already been able to employ 5 technicians during a 6-month process.

    A sincere THANK YOU to Joboxx team for your helpfulness, creativity and drive !!

  • All candidates end up on 1 platform via Joboxx, which is easy and clear. We used to have to screen candidates one by one and this takes time and money!
    Cedrick Walravens
    In-house recruiter @ Creditsafe
    Cedrick Walravens
    In-house recruiter @ Creditsafe

    When you recruit, you have to follow up on the candidates. Organization in your work is definitely necessary! All candidates end up on 1 platform via Joboxx, which is easy and clear. We used to have to screen candidates one by one and this takes time and money!

    Our recruitment has become more professional through Joboxx. Companies that are looking for people but have little time and money, this is an excellent choice.