Applicant Tracking System

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Your vacancy has been rewritten, the social media campaign with attractive visuals is online, now candidates are waiting. As soon as they arrive, the follow-up process starts. Get rid of those spreadsheets or stacks of CVs, because here too we have an ideal solution!

With the user-friendly tool, you can immediately see through which channel the candidate has applied. You can then view his CV, motivation and / or profile or request more information. Send emails automatically or click on the status of the candidate. This way you will never lose the overview again!

A all-in-one tool for your recruitment process.

Joboxx goes beyond promoting a vacancy on social media and making one employer brand page. The applicants are classified by vacancy via the ATS (Applicant Tracking System). This way you can easily follow up the applications and you always have a good overview of the status.

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Applicant Tracking System

Discover one of the many functions of our ATS below; the tool that supports the recruitment process when recruiting via social media.

Follow up candidates

Keep track of all candidates. Click on the stage of the applicant and give assessments.


Share the ATS with your colleagues and give different rights. This way you can easily work together on the same account.


Save time by sending automatic emails to candidates. Also add new e-mails yourself so that everything is managed in one place.

Business page

With your own, integrated company profile, you convince potential candidates to apply to your company. With the push of a button in the vacancy they will be forwarded to your own page.


For each vacancy you can see through which channel an applicant has applied. In addition to the general statistics, you also gain insight into which channels work best for your vacancies. Do you have a social media campaign? Then you will immediately see how many clicks and impressions have been achieved through the various channels.

Social media campaigns

Start or pause your social media campaign from the dashboard. This way you keep control over your budget and the job is only promoted when you want it.

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Social recruitment

Employees like ambassadors

Use your network or colleagues as ambassadors for your recruitment campaign!

With the ambassador program you send an email with the desired vacancy to your contacts and ask them to share it on their personal social media.

Anyone can do it social referral use the program for free. With the push of a button, the ambassadors can share your vacancy via WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and email.


Curious what our customers to find Joboxx?

  • Today I can say with great pleasure that we have already been able to employ 5 technicians via Joboxx during a 6-month process.
    Christine Zoons
    HR @ Servilux
    Christine Zoons
    HR @ Servilux

    At Servilux we are always looking for technicians for both Belgium and the Netherlands. Since we offer our service in every region of the country, it is not obvious to achieve regional technical profiles.

    Thanks to a fantastic collaboration with Joboxx, we started a search via Social media. The influx of candidates did not stay out and today I am happy to say that we have already been able to employ 5 technicians during a 6-month process.

    A sincere THANK YOU to Joboxx team for your helpfulness, creativity and drive !!

  • All candidates end up on 1 platform via Joboxx, which is easy and clear. We used to have to screen candidates one by one and this takes time and money!
    Cedrick Walravens
    In-house recruiter @ Creditsafe
    Cedrick Walravens
    In-house recruiter @ Creditsafe

    When you recruit, you have to follow up on the candidates. Organization in your work is definitely necessary! All candidates end up on 1 platform via Joboxx, which is easy and clear. We used to have to screen candidates one by one and this takes time and money!

    Our recruitment has become more professional through Joboxx. Companies that are looking for people but have little time and money, this is an excellent choice.