The internet is full of articles, tips and tricks to create the perfect cover letter. But how to prepare the perfect vacancy? Not that. We are now changing this!

To create an attractive vacancy you have to look at it as marketing. This also leads to the AIDA model. This model is used by all marketers to start a perfect advertising campaign. Well, your vacancy is also advertising! AIDA stands for Attention - Interest - Desire - Action. These are the phases that your candidate has to go through to finally apply.

In the first phase, your vacancy must attract attention. If a candidate reads past the title, you have already lost them. It is therefore very important to draw attention. Be clear that your perfect candidate is attracted by the position.

The next step is interest: Be concrete and straight forward. What are the duties? What should a candidate be able to do and perhaps not be able to do? Make sure that your vacancy is not filled with well-worn terms. Be different. Also, don't be too demanding: a laundry list of properties that a candidate must meet deterred. Only mention those that are essential.

You already have the candidate's attention and interest. It is now important to motivate them to apply for you. What do you have to offer them? Wages and working conditions are an important aspect here, but the corporate culture is also a decisive factor here! This is also part of your employer brand that you have to bring forward. A candidate must choose you as an employer.

The last thing you want is for the candidate to take action and apply! A clear call-to-action at the end is necessary. Joboxx makes this very easy, with a simple push of a button the candidate can apply. After that, he can easily follow the process via his mobile app.

Finally, some tips if you are going through the 4 steps:

  • Be clear, concrete and consistent
  • Be flexible, do not ask too much
  • Be honest
  • Be creative

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