Recruit in the 21ste century requires some imagination and effort. The time when a vacancy in the Sunday newspaper was sufficient is unfortunately over. You need to find new channels to reach candidates. One of the fastest growing channels is social media! 83% of potential candidates is active on Facebook and no less than 40% is active on Twitter. But is that something for you?

It should come as no surprise that 48% of the candidates used social media in the search for their most recent job. The big difference between social media and the traditional job advertisement is that you can choose who sees your ad on social media.

Targeted advertising

If you publish a vacancy via social media, it is possible to show it specifically to the people who match the profile you are looking for! This means that you can select your target audience based on education level, job title or interests.

Unfortunately it is not enough to direct your message to the right audience, you also have to seduce them to want to read your message.

To really get a response to a message via social media, it is necessary to approach this as digital advertising. If you really want to reach people via social media, you have to pay for it. That's how social media algorithms work. It is not because your company has 20,000 followers that your vacancy will reach these 20,000 people. Use the existing selection options to direct your message to the people you are looking for.

Facebook makes it possible to advertise by region, interests, functions ... LinkedIn focuses more on higher educated people. Here you can even select on the number of years of experience, specific diplomas, skills, previous employers ...

Both active and passive candidates

Reach more candidates. In addition to the active searcher, you also reach the passive candidate with targeted advertising on social media. Only 20% of the active population is actively looking for a new job through the classic channels, such as job boards, interim offices, the Sunday newspaper ...

50% of the active people indicate that they will consider another job but are not actively looking. By advertising on social media you reach these people in their private sphere, free time and you have the opportunity to ask their attention. Make sure that your message is attractive and invites you to read!

By recruiting via social media you can therefore search for the profile you are looking for in a much more targeted manner. You also reach both active and passive candidates, so you have a wide choice of candidates. And finally: Social media advertising costs are a lot lower than many other channels.

No digital marketer in house? No problem, we take care of that. With one push of a button you have started your social media campaign, it can be that simple.

So what are you waiting for? Start advertising via social media today with Joboxx!

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